About Us

As a purpose-driven brand, we connect people and companies, offering them new growth opportunities while expanding the understanding of the market, its evolution, and the people who live it.

Both in virtual and real life, we are focused on continuous research of new opportunities for our investors, furthering an equitable work environment that values diversity and inclusion, and living these values in the communities where we live, and work.

We believe in DeFi’s future and we are working on it. The decentralized, transparent, verifiable, uncensurable, and unmodifiable nature of the blockchain system means we can trust people and organizations precisely because trust is no longer an issue.

Thanks to this, we concentrating on IT strategies and solutions, leaving the blockchains working for us.

Our Subsidiaries

MITALY’S Co. Ltd. – Bangkok

Franchising Brands Management, Trademarks and Patents, Import-Export, Real Estate, and Marketplaces.

ANTHAEA Srl. – San Jose

Anthaea, formerly Blobee Labs, is a subsidiary of Finlloyd Group. Founded in Italy in 1989, and acquired by the Limited in 2022, Anthaea got institutional and international appreciation for innovation.

Anthaea today is 100% a DeFi-oriented company, that follows its clients’ startups, from the idea to complete company setup and management.